Quantile <a href="">kriging</a> is a mystery to me. In all honesty, kriging in general is. The reason I have chosen to mention quantile kriging in the present wiki is because I suspect that quantile (and perhaps other methods of) kriging may have something to do with the types of mathematical problems that are necessarily of interest to data miners. The reason I suspect this is because I often do web searches using mathematical terms that are elementary enough to be in my vocabulary, and that I believe have some relevance to data mining, and these queries keep landing on articles on quantile kriging. This is a suspicion (hunch) rather than a belief, because I'm too mediocre (or not mathematically literate enough anyway) to figure out what the articles imply, let alone whether their implications are relevant.

What I have been able to decipher is that kriging (in general) is named after its inventor, and that it is considered relevant to the Earth Sciences. Data mining (so far) is more relevant to a host of disciplines than it is to geology, so I count that as a possible reason to believe that quantile kriging is not a concept that would be of interest to this wiki. In a way, I hope this turns out to be the case, because it appears that it is probably too late to invent a nonproprietary technology of quantile kriging.

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